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Reasons to Attend and Organize
Local or Neighborhood Tea Party Meetings

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[Note from Zack: Some of these are out of date (unemployment figures) or reflect backwards thinking (e.g., make real estate prices high). This list needs to be revised from when it was originally made under the Obama administration.]


#1. Unemployment

The unemployment rate is getting worse every month.


#2. Real Estate Prices

Real-estate prices are low.


#3. Currency Devaluation

Our currency is being devalued by the government and Federal Reserve, printing more and more money not backed by anything.


#4. National Debt

The National Debt is totally out of control.


#5. National Defense

Under Obama, National Defense was going out the window. We still need to redouble our efforts to support better national defense.


#6. Stand up for America

The anti-America forces seem to be in control of the Media, the Congress, and the public schools.

Kentucky Tea Party Activism:

Local Chapters Tips

Whoever organizes a TEA party
will be on the Kentucky TEA Party Board of Directors.

Get your church or local band to provide a PA system


Promote Local Rallies

We will list your name / phone / email and date of your event on our "Kentucky TEA Parties" web site
( to help promote your rally.


Use Sign-up Sheets to Help Expand the Movement

Most important is that you get each participant at your event to fill out a sign-up sheet. Keep a copy for local organizations and send us a copy to add to our movement in Kentucky.


Give Away Free Materials

We will provide free (as long as possible):
Lapel stickers (they are 1 inch round)  
Bumper stickers.

Get Free Media Coverage

Ask for free ads on your local radio stations and local newspapers
or try to get on as an in-studio guest at a local radio show.

Take Advantage of Email, Mail, and Call Lists

We will also email and/or call our contacts in your area. (We have 7,000 on our email and 50,000 on our mailing list.).


Yes we can take our country back!

Dr. Frank Simon
TEA Party of Kentucky, Inc.

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