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Our Additional Resources

The Plan to Destroy America


This is a must have document for your own personal information as well as to distribute to ones that you care about.

This document is based on the award winning film Agenda, which exposes George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation as well as other groups undermining America by such things as funding Planned Parenthood (a eugenic organization trying to eradicate the black race in America), destroying morality and the home by starting the sexual revolution through the fraudulent work of Alfred Kinsey.

The report compares Communist goals platforms of the Democrat and Republican political parties, and the Biblical worldview.

Download your free copy by clicking on the image.

Our Ten Principles

This document explains what we are all about in advocating for Kentucky. We support the traditional family, a policy of no political payoffs, the notion of being one nation under God, low taxes, responsible free enterprise, a balanced federal budget, student religious and political liberty, government as the servant rather than as the master, a robust nationalism, and equality under the law with a right to life.

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